12/20 runs and exercise


  • 1 mile warm-up
  • x2 high knees for 50m
  • x2 butt kicks for 50m
  • 12 x 100m sprints
  • 250m recovery jog in between sprints
  • 12 x jumping over 3 logs in a row haha
  • 400 sprint with 400 recovery jog
  • climb 7-8 foot fence twice
  • total mileage: 4.53 miles
  • Average pace around 9’00” (it’s so slow because my recovery jogs were like 10-11 minute pace haha) 
  • total time: 41:10

after run:

  • 10 minutes of bodyrock

I had to climb the fence to get into the track because they sealed off my secret opening (well, a lot of people used it) by welding in a iron fence ): It was nice to do sprints as it has been a couple weeks…but I’m still putting off long distance sprints, which I haven’t really done since xc ended. 


  • with either 10 or 15 lb weights
  • 15 triceps dips x3
  • 15 bicep curls x3
  • 15 bench presses x3
  • 10 weighted squats x3
  • 10 deep unweighted squats x3
  • 15 weighted lunges x3
  • 5 push-ups (my arms were tired!)
  • 5 wide squats with 45 lbs x3
  • 15 russian twists with 25 lbs x3
  • 15 deep sit-ups (lay back, and then slightly pull up your straight legs and push your body to meet your chin to your knees) x3
I haven’t been to the gym in a while…usually I use my 20 lb weights at home. It was nice having access to heavier and lighter weights! I went with my mom. And then we went to;
  • 70 minutes
  • out of three levels, level “2.5”
  • substitute teacher
  • I sweated a lot!

This is why I love winter break….I can do whatever I want for however long I want. And I wrapped presents all day while listening to classical Christmas music on Pandora and drinking spiced chai tea next to the christmas tree….I never want break to end!

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